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Season: Year round, except for January.
During our regular fishing season, the halibut we catch average 15-100lbs with several weighing in at over 200lbs, sometimes even 300lbs! Our two largest are 375lbs and 376lbs.  

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King Salmon

Season: Year Round
The King Salmon we catch in the saltwater range  10-35lbs. Over the years our personal bests, were 83lbs 12oz and 84lbs. In our area, we catch kings year round, with our largest kings typically caught in May and June. 

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Silver Salmon

Season: Historically available July 1 - September (depending on the runs).
Silver salmon, caught in the saltwater, are a ton of fun to catch on our light tackle, often times putting up a very acrobatic fight. These fish range 6-15lbs. 

Sockeye Salmon (Freshwater)

Season: June 1-August 15
Sockeye, otherwise commonly known as 'Red Salmon', can be caught in our nearby rivers, which include the Kenai and Kasilof. Although we do catch some on the saltwater, the best chance at catching this species is in the freshwater. 


Season: July 1-December 31
Fishing for lingcod in the Gulf of Alaska, starts July 1st and ends December 31st. When weather permits, it is often a 2 hour scenic boat ride to where we target these fish. Along the way, we often times see a variety of marine life, including killer whales, sea lions, and sea otters. Wildlife including black bears and mountain goats are also seen along the way. The typical depth we fish for lings, is roughly 30-120ft. Since we're fishing fairly shallow water, this allows us to use a lighter tackle for the fight. Currently for our area, the daily bag limit for lingcod, is 2 per person, minimum length greater than 35 inches. We do not have slot limits in our area. We currently hold the IGFA All-Tackle World Record Lingcod, weighing in at 82lbs 9oz. 

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Yelloweye Rockfish

Season:  Year Round
Currently our area is one of the more fortunate to be able to keep one yelloweye per person per day. The yelloweye rockfish that can be caught while fishing for lingcod average 10-25lbs. This is Captain Steve's personal favorite to eat shallow fried with a lemon butter garlic wine sauce. 


Season: Year Round
Black Rockfish, like the one shown in this photo, are often caught on light tackle and are a client favorite by far. Along with the black rockfish, a variety of others can be hooked up as well such as, Copper Rockfish, Tiger Rockfish, Quillback Rockfish, and China Rockfish. 

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