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Meet Captain Steve Smith, second generation master fisherman along the west coast from Alaska to California.

Captain Steve's experience started with being the eldest son of Captain Jim Smith, Owner/ Operator of the notable vessel, the Happy Hooker. Jim Smith's mastery is known for his knowledge of fishing (especially his phenomenal  knowledge of Striper Bass) throughout the SF Bay, Delta and up the Sacto River.

Jim Smith has recently retired, only from the responsibilities, still is the avid fisherman and Happy Hooker is continuing its journey ran by son Chris Smith and grandson Jonathan Smith. 

Captain Steve Smith's youngest sibling Captain James Smith is the owner/operator of California Dawn Sport fishing. 

Captain Steve first travelled to Alaska as a teenager and spend many years fishing the Kenai Peninsula. In 1988, Captain Steve earned his 100 ton Master Captain License. The following summer he started his first job on the Cook Inlet.

At the end of that summer, Captain Steve invited his high school sweetheart LeAnne to come visit Alaska and experience his days away from her to show her the beauty of a remarkable place! He wanted to share what he had grown to love, find a future in and in hopes that she will too.

They spent time together in Alaska and on the way, returning to California, Steve asked LeAnne what she thought of Alaska and she said, "I'm going back there to live with or without you". This motivated Steve to work like crazy for the next couple summers, they decided in March of 1991 to pack the bags and start a new adventure. 

In 1992, we started our first fishing charter business. After several years of running the daily charter business, we sold it to Tom & Tammy Redmon from Wyoming. Steve continued to work for the Redmon Family until 2003. The business has been through several owners since and still in operation today. In 1995, our daughter Kaylee was born. Wanting to spend more time at home with our daughter and being there was little in the way of quality accommodations in this area, we decided in 1996 to open our Bed & Breakfast. In 2000, we were blessed with another child, this time our Son Hunter. In 2004, we opened our new Fishing Lodge. Steve has been fishing Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska nonstop since 1988, and couldn't imagine doing anything else .


Angler and Captain for life...

The most memorable memories is growing up with my grandfather, fishing the Sierra streams all the way to the SoCal party boats. I met Jim Smith in the late 90's on the Happy Hooker and became not only fellow anglers, but friends as well. Guided by his wisdom and knowledge of the art and discipline of an angler;  in 2009 he invited me to Alaska to join him for the experience of Alaska and instantly, I fell in love with the abundance of fishing within the oceans and rivers! In 2011, I chose to deckhand for Captain Steve and it motivated me to become a Captain for Captain Steve's Lodge. I have been a Captain with Captain Steves since 2013 and have partnered with F/V Ghost to evolve every fishing experience out on the water everyday...


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Boat loads of fun! Meet Banshee, Reaper and Ghost... 

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Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge

Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge 22780 Shady Dr. P.O.Box 39143 Ninilchik, AK 99639 US

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