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Yelloweye Rockfish


Brilliantly colored from orange-yellow to orange-red, yelloweye rockfish are one of the most well-known and prized of Alaska’s rockfish species. Deserving of their name, yelloweye are easily recognized by the bright yellow of their eyes. Individuals have been known to grow up to 36 inches which makes them one of the largest of rockfish species. A lighter colored line is usually distinguishable along the lateral line of the body and fins are often tipped in black. Yelloweye have several small spines on their head and a raspy ridge is found on the heads of large adults. Juveniles look very different from adults with dark red-orange coloration and two white stripes along the body. Fins of juveniles can be tipped in white or black.

Yelloweye are often called red snapper, but should not be confused with the red snapper found in the Gulf of Mexico, which is a different species. Other names for yelloweye include Pacific red snapper, red rock cod, and yellow belly.


Up to 36 inches


Up to 121 years


From the Aleutian Islands to the Baja Peninsula


Other fish


Internal fertilization of large numbers of eggs (up to 2,700,000) followed by live birth

Other Names

Red snapper, Pacific red snapper, red rock cod, yellow belly, cowfish


A Note from Captain Steve on Yelloweye Rockfish…

We use long, light rods with 65 pound braid fishing line (not Spectra) and an assortment of lures bouncing the bottom as we drift over pinnacles. The average depths are 30 to 150 feet. They are excellent eating fish that are 40 to 60 years old on average. I tell my clients they are like fine wine, the taste gets better with age!

Season: All Year

Licensing: You can fill out the Pre-Arrival Packet and your license will be taken care of for you, or you can go directly to the Fish and Game website to buy one and print it out yourself.