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Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge

Saltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodge

Saltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodge

Saltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodgeSaltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodgeSaltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodge

Silver Salmon


Adults usually weigh 8 to 12 pounds and are 24 to 30 inches long, but individuals weighing 31 pounds have been landed. Adults in salt water or newly returning to fresh water are bright silver with small black spots on the back and on the upper lobe of the tail fin. They can be distinguished from Chinook salmon by the lack of black spots on the lower lobe of the tail and by their white gums; Chinook have small black spots on both tail fin lobes and they have black gums. Spawning adults of both sexes have dark backs and heads with maroon to reddish sides.

The coho salmon is a premier sport fish and is taken in fresh and salt water from July to September. In 2005, anglers throughout Alaska caught 1.4 million coho salmon. In salt water they are taken primarily by trolling or mooching (drifting) with herring or with flies or lures along shore. In fresh water they hit salmon eggs, flies, spoons, or spinners. Coho are spectacular fighters and the most acrobatic of the Pacific salmon. On light tackle, coho provide a thrilling and memorable fishing experience.


24-30 inches long, 8-12 pounds


The traditional range of the coho salmon runs from both sides of the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan and eastern Russian, around the Bering Sea to mainland Alaska, and south all the way to Monterey Bay, California. Coho salmon have also been introduced in all the Great Lakes, as well as many other landlocked reservoirs throughout the United States.


Aquatic insects, fish, squid


Whales, sharks, marine mammals, birds, mammals, humans


Deposit 2,400-4,500 eggs in freshwater from September-February

Other Names

silver salmon


A Note from Captain Steve on Silver Salmon…

The Silver Salmon are the total acrobats of Alaska! All of the fish we catch are wild; we do not have an enhanced fishery, so they are large, strong and very good eating! We fish both on the saltwater and fresh water. On the saltwater we troll, motor mooch and vertical jig. The trolling and mooching is done with herring and a variety of plug lures. we use light long rods with 12 to 15 pound test monofilament. Sometimes we use divers and such to get your baits down to about 30 feet, if needed. The most fun technique is the Vertical Jigging with an assortment of 2 to 3 1/2 ounce lures. We look for suspended bait fish like sand lance, needle fish and hooligan smelt and salmon themselves, stop and drop down 10 to 20 feet, and if they bite generally they ALL bite! Everyone is instantly hooked up with Silvers averaging 7 to almost 20 pounds! Besides the Silvers, we catch Sockeye (Red), Chum (Dog), Pink (Humpies) and King Salmon at the same time!

August through October is the time to catch them on the rivers. Besides the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers we have many small streams we fish. We use the same light tackle. Baits of choice are spinners, roe and plugs that you hold in the current. Lot’s of fun especially when you have a 10 to 15 pound Steelhead grab your line!

Season: August – October

Limits: Two (2) on freshwater; Six (6) on saltwater, Three (3) of which can be Silver Salmon

Licensing: You can fill out the Pre-Arrival Packet and your license will be taken care of for you, or you can go directly to the Fish and Game Website to buy one and print it out yourself.