Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge 22780 Shady Dr. P.O.Box 39143 Ninilchik, AK 99639 US

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Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge

Saltwater Charter Fishing excursions and an all inclusive lodge




A Note from Captain Steve on Rockfish…

Rockfish are very exciting to catch and excellent to eat!

We use very light tackle, 12 pound monofilament and look for giant schools of suspended fish, stop on them and drop down two to four ounce lures and get them in a frenzy, sometimes they will start jumping out of the water trying to compete for our lures. Our Black Rockfish average 6 to 10 pounds, last year we brought one in 13.5 pounds! Besides the Black Rockfish we catch Yelloweye, Copper, Bicaccio, Yellowtail, China, Quillback and Black and Yellow Rockfish.

Season: All Year

Licensing: You can fill out the Pre-Arrival Packet and your license will be taken care of for you, or you can go directly to the Fish and Game website to buy one and print it out yourself.