The Lodge

Our lodge is based around fishing. We have an all-inclusive 8,600 square foot lodge with eleven guest bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. We now feature a fully stocked bar. The lodge has a large covered deck, boot room for boots and raingear that we provide, our own Shuttle Service to and from the airports, a very large projector TV, free WiFi and 4G. We specialize in all-day guided multiple-species fishing trips with very comfortable 30 foot covered boats with state of the art electronics. In addition, we are very competent captains with a very helpful crew. We're also licensed and insured.

We are located 185 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska and 30 miles north of Homer. We fish the Cook Inlet, Gulf of Alaska, Kenai, Kasilof rivers, as well as the Crescent River, Crescent Lake and Wolverine Creek while on out fly outs to the West side of Cook Inlet. On our fly outs, we fish for as many as five species of Salmon, Rainbow and Dolly Varden Trout, Grayling and Northern Pike, all this while watching the bears.

I would say the things that make us stand out from the rest of the lodges in South Central Alaska are that we own everything from the shuttle service to the fish processing. This means every moment of your fishing trip experience is catered to fit our client's needs. We are not like the other fishing excursion companies who contract out their fishing, lodging, processing and meals to the lowest bidder to make their money.

We fish for as many species as we can in a day and we fish ALL day. We hear a lot of excuses, such as the tide is too big; therefore, the fishing is "automatically" bad. Not us; we fish all day and we might start shallow, then work our way out. Then, we may drift when the current is strong. Our competitors come out late and by that time the tide is already turning and the current is getting faster. We never do that, if the current is moving too fast we drift or troll for salmon or other fish. Our trips are usually 8 to 12 hours depending on the weather and how long the clients want to be out there..

All parts of Alaska are beautiful, the scenery is incredible!

When you choose your trip to Alaska, ask a lot of questions. We have a page of answers to some of these questions for you.

* Will you be fishing more than one trip per day?
* What are the accommodations?
* Will you be staying in a lodge, condo, bed and breakfast (B&B) or in a cabin?
* Do you have to rent a car?
* Are your meals included?
* Is the fish processing done through a processor?
* Is the fish processing done where it may get mixed up, traded out with someone else's, or even
commercially caught fish?
* Is there a limit on how much fish will be processed for you?

We take care of all of these things for you. We are all die-hard fishermen and avid hunters, that's what makes us different. For us, the only bad day is the last one of our season in mid-September.


Pre-Arrival Packet