About Us

nCaptain Steve Smith is a second generation master fisherman.

It runs in the family...He and his father Jim, and brothers Chris and James all have a lifetime of professional fishing and guiding experience in the San Francisco Bay Area which is also famous for salmon, halibut, striped bass, sturgeon, albacore, rockfish and lingcod. Jim Smith owns and operates the famous Happy Hooker sport fishing boat, James Smith owns and operates his charter boat the California Dawn and Chris Smith ownes and operates the Captain Hook Charter Boat all berthed at the Berkley Marina in Berkley, California.

After many years of coming to Alaska as a teenager, and fishing on the Kenai Peninsula, In 1988 Steve earned his 100 ton master Captain License. Captain Steve got his first job working full time on Cook Inlet the following summer.

At the end of the summer he invited LeAnne (his high school sweetheart) to come and see the Alaska he had grown to love so much, in hopes that she would fall in love with it too. She did! The drive back to California was bittersweet, knowing they had to leave but not knowing the other felt the same, they wanted to make Alaska their new home.

Upon arriving back in California Steve let LeAnne know he wanted to live in Alaska. She intern let him know she was going to go back to live, with or without him, she loved it so much. After two more summers work for Steve, In March of 1991, we packed all we had and headed back to Alaska to start our new life together.

In 1992, we started our first fishing charter business. After several years of running the daily charter business, we sold it to Tom & Tammy Redmon from Wyoming. Steve continued to work for the Redmon Family until 2003. The business has been through several owners since and still in operation today. In 1995, our daughter Kaylee was born. Wanting to spend more time at home with our daughter and being there was little in the way of quality accommodations in this area, we decided in 1996 to open our Bed & Breakfast. In 2000, we were blessed with another child, this time our Son Hunter. In 2004, we opened our new Fishing Lodge. Steve has been fishing Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska nonstop since 1988, and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

In 2006, we remodeled the Lodge and added on over 6000 sq. ft. so we can now accommodate up to 24 guests in our lodge. "Creature Comforts" are our greatest concern for our guests. Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge features fine dining, billiards, wi fi and many other amenities. Our children are older now and have taken on various jobs to help us run our family business. Our staff consists of 9 members plus ourselves so the service you receive is very personalized.



Captain, LeAnne and Captain Steve's Lodge Staff,

   I just wanted to sincerely say thank you! I brought five old Fuddy Duds with me hoping to make them content with the trip. They were completely blown Away! LeAnne, when we met you at the show in Vegas you explained to us what the weather is like in early June that we might be cold, nope it was very warm and no rain! you told us that the halibut would be mixed sizes, more on the smaller size because we had extreme tides, nope, we had enough halibut the first two days we didn't even keep any after that and the king salmon fishing was fantastic, you didn't tell us we would do so well on them you said we would have an ok chance at catching some, yeah a couple each, every day we fished them!  You said we would be fed well, Holycow! non of us expected to have a menu presented to us for what we wanted to eat, we all gained five plus pounds each! You said the Lodge is very comfortable, Yeah a 13 foot TV Screen with surround sound to watch our days fishing trip while we ate the most incredible soups and hours de vours before dinner, ( did I mention we all ate too much)! The couches just devoured you till you fall asleep, especially after a cocktail. Your Cook Pat was so accommodating, my Buddy has a strict diet or he gets sick, Pat made sure he had sterilized everything, I know because my Buddy never got sick, believe me you don't want to be around him when he's sick and can't hold back yesterday's meals if you know what I mean! Your housekeeper was fantastic, the guys were amazed on how clean our rooms were and the whole lodge, we never even saw her. Your processor, deckhands, office girl Kaylee and everyone else were just fantastic, kind and appreciative, you don't see young people who are so proud of their jobs anymore, until we wen't to your lodge. Now your Captain's, we fished with Chuck the first two days and just had so much fun fishing in shallow water, under fifty feet if I remember correctly. We fished there all day and caught lots of fish and just kept letting the smaller ones go until everyone caught two nice ones, the biggest was 198 pounds! that was exciting! Then we fished with Steve, he asked us what we wanted to fish for and we said King Salmon, he said it would probably be slow but we would fish hard for them, we did, we went to several different spots then caught limits, two each late in the day, we even chose to stay and have dinner later, the next day we went right to the spot and all the fish were nice sized and then caught thirty big black rockfish before we came in early. (because we were exhausted)!

Then the processing you all did was fantastic, we felt the fish before it was labled and put in the freezer, it was very cold. All our fish was perfectly froze when we got back to our homes in Vegas!

Anyways I just wanted to say thanks, tell LeAnne that she's a Sweatheart but she didn't tell us how incredible the trip to Captain Steve's really would be, don't understate yourselves, if you can impress the guys I brought with me you can pretty much impress anybody!

Thank you all once again for the most incredible trip to Alaska we have been on, see you year after next if were all around were getting up there.


The Hoffman Group



Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge-

        Saying Thank you is long overdue. Your staff and fishing experience was awesome. The lodge and grounds are beautiful. I was amazed how hard and well your family and crew worked for your guests. We were pampered. The trip for me was once in a lifetime, so I can't express how fortunate I was to be able to come along with my friends. I asked another guests if they would return to Alaska for fishing and they said in a heartbeat!!! with your facility. (he had been two other times) So this shows, not only did I have an amazing trip, but we all did!!! What an amazing experience,

Thank You,

Debra T.




      Just a note to say thanks to all of you for making our Alaska trip great!

    Special thanks to Will and Anthony- you guys were awesome! (or in your lingo SICK!)I was thrilled that we basically got a non-smoking trip. We also enjoyed your employees Matt and Vinnie on the boat and Erik taking care of our fish! If you are in the area give me a call. I don't own a boat, but know a few guys that do and we would love to try to get you out there! I also love to be a tour guide especially hiking or biking!

Thanks again!

We had a super time and the halibut is excellent.

Hope you are catching lots of fish-I'm heading to the Sierra's for some trout and hiking!

Hugs Tina!



Greetings from hot and dry Texas! Our stay in beautiful Alaska just wasn't long enough-

We wanted to thank you all again for our memorable stay at your lodge. We enjoyed our time with your family and staff and we will urge others to stay and fish with you-

Hope you enjoy these pictures of all of us at your lodge for your "scrapbook of life".

Thank you again- we had a great time-

Bob, Sue, Tim and Jeannette G.



Dear Steve and LeAnne,

Thank you so much for the delicious halibut. We defrosted two packages the second night Royce was home and shared it with friends who'd loved it served as deep fried cubes. He'd bought a new fryer just for this fish!

I've fixed it for us once since then and can't thank you enough for being so generous.

Hope your season is a huge success.


The Bishop's



Thank You,

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Alaska and especially our time at Captain Steve's Fishing Lodge. Your operation is first class and that includes all the staff at the lodge. The food was so good I know we will be starting our diets now that we are back home.

thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family during our stay. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lodge and home with us and also enjoying your wonderful family.

we are anxiously looking forward to a return trip in the near future.

Thank you once again,

Don T.



Thank you Steve, Chuck, LeAnne, Hunter and the rest of the staff for making me feel like a part of the family and taking care of the old man. Special thank you to Steve and Chuck for the education and taking the time to teach me how to fish your fishery. I had a great time and will be back next year if my health allows.

Have a good summer!

Ken L.